Who is Shilango

Shilango creates bright and versatile handbags, textiles and accessories derived from traditional Mexican culture for women who want to make a unique fashion statement that includes ethical responsibility and fair trade commitment.

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Our Promise

When you purchase one of our products you can be certain that it has come from the hands of real Mexican artisans who have used natural fabrics and materials designed for fit and functionality. Our commitment to fair trade practices ensures that our makers are paid a living wage and that our business does good for the communities they originate from.

Our Story

Born and raised in Mexico City, Paola grew up amidst the color and craftsmanship that defines Mexican fashion. As time passed, she looked beyond her home and became more aware of the global fashion industry, both good and bad. In doing so, she learned about sustainability and the importance of fair trade practices and developed a vision to ensure the survival of Mexican artisans, their traditional methods and their environmentally friendly practices.

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