Our Story

Born and raised in Mexico City, Paola grew up amidst the colour and craftsmanship that defines Mexican fashion.  As time passed, she looked beyond her home and became more aware of the global fashion industry, both good and bad.  In doing so, she learned about sustainability and the importance of fair trade practices and developed a vision to ensure the survival of Mexican artisans, their traditional methods and their environmentally friendly practices.

Today that mission comes to life as Shilango designs authentic Mexican fashions created for Canadian women by artisans steeped in the traditional methods and practices of creating bright, durable clothing and accessories that support Poala’s vision of ethical trade.

Arriving in Canada 10 years ago, Paola began to build her vision into reality in Simcoe County.  The county recognized her efforts with the 2019 Immigrant Entrepreneur of The Year Award and today she continues to make a positive impact on this community and on Mexico. Paola employs newcomers to Canada and offers women a unique fashion choice that they can also feel good about.